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About Cashflow Properties, LLC
Cashflow Properties, LLC was founded in 2010 . our main objectives are to target strong job growth and population growth markets (emerging markets), also areas that have a need for student housing and other special needs groups for Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions in the United States, primarily in the New England region. We acquire stabilized B and C class Apartment and mixed use Assets. We partner with private lenders, who are private individuals looking for passive ROI. We syndicate deals with 2 or more partners following all SEC Regulations. We take a conservative approach to investing.

We give our money partners the majority of the cash flow and equity so that we can foster a long-term relationship.

We also will birddog for companies looking to find a deal with a certain criteria, and need our expertise to find it. We also have several money partners that can fund your deals too. 

Our company operates with the highest integrity, and business ethics in all our dealings. We also believe our team is one of the strongest in the commercial real estate industry. Its is great to know that i can ask for a second evaluation on any business matter, because there is nothing my team members have not experienced before. That gives us such great strength and support in our pursuit of commercial acquisitions

Our apartment partners will benefit greatly from our market knowledge and experience by working with us to achieve great ROI with each property.


                                                                    Daniel Greenberger
                                                                  Chief Executive Officer

                                                       Trained By Creative Success Alliance and
                                                         Commercial Real Estate Investing Team

                                                                Apartment Acquisition Training

                                                   Private Money and SEC Compliance Training

​                                                          Managing The Manager Bootcamp

                                         Annual Commercial Real Estate Investor Networking CSA

                                                                      Short Sale Training

                                                                         Rehab Training

                                                                  BPO Agent for 3 banks

                                                                      Real Estate Agent 

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Committed to helping our partners achieve above average, passive ROI from our team's expertise of commercial real estate acquisitions.