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Commercial Acquisition Partnership
Cashflow Properties, LLC Services
Commercial Birddogging Or Property Finders
If you need us to find a commercial property for you, that is a another service we will provide. Our cost for this service is a flat fee based on the sale price of the acquisition. Under 15 million or over 30 million dollars. If the deal is structured properly, this additional cost for our service should be no problem.


Any Questions contact Daniel Greenberger at (774)286-9161, or via email at .
Apartment partners and private lender partners will receive the benefits of cashflow and equity at resale for their investment. We also research each emerging market in the Southern US. our commercial broker partners send us B and C properties with Value plays to raise the NOI. You will receive a majority of the profits and benefit from our market expertise in the process. We only invest in conservative deals that are stabilized , good cashflowing acquisitions with a strong equity position after we increase the property value.

At Cashflow Properties, LLC, we take care to provide our clients and Partners with high quality services personalized for their unique capital needs. My team is here to get your projects funded in your needed timeframe.

We provide a variety of services including:
Funding Partners For Your  Deals